The Park of Camaldoli

Naples The park of Camaldoli

The Park of Camaldoli is located on the homonym hill that is the highest in Naples.

The forest of Camaldoli consists in a green oasis of nature, the lungs of the north area of Naples and a perfect destination for a pleasant walk surrounded by enchanting scenery.

The first impression is that of an abandoned space ruled by nature. The location is perfect for a daytime entertainment and not only, since it has recently become a site of the Neapolitan nightlife. An ideal alternative for those who live away from other parks, such as Floridiana, Villa Comunale or Virgiliano.

When the good weather arrives, the park becomes a favored destination for youth, also in the night hours. There are all kinds of events organized here: parties, discos, theme markets and stands, at times open during the day. Nearby there is the monastery Eremo dei Camaldoli, founded in 1585 by Giovanni D’Avalos and designed by the architect Domenico Fontana.

The inside houses paintings by the famous Neapolitan Painter Luca Giordano: “L’Immacolata Concezione”, ”La Sacra Famiglia davanti alla Croce”, ”La Trasfigurazione”. Other works present in the monastery are attributed to Massimo Stanzione, Cesare Fracanzano and Angelo Mozzillo.

The Park of Camaldoli is a green oasis of peace and quiet that in the summertime opens its doors to a world of entertainment and fun. Moreover, it consists in one of the highest peaks from which one may admire marvelous landscapes of the entire gulf.

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