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Baroque and miracles in the church of San Gregorio Armeno

Naples San Gregorio Armeno street

The church of San Gregorio Armeno is located on the homonym street, traditional for its crib workshops.

The church of San Gregorio Armeno (called also San Biagio Maggiore) is located on the famous street of cribs and is an instance of Baroque architecture in Naples. It is also known as a church of Santa Patrizia.

Palazzo Doria D'Angri and the mysteries of the Italian unification

Naples Palazzo Doria D'Angri Garibaldi

Palazzo Doria d'Angri is one of the most important monumental buildings in the historic centre of Naples.

Located on via Toledo, the building hosted an Italian general Giuseppe Garibaldi that, on the 7th of September 1860, announced from its balcony the annexation of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies to the Italian Kingdom. Two important figures helping him: Salvatore De Crescenzo and Sangiovannara.

Naples, the city of the divinity Mitra

Naples mythology Mitra divinity

We present you the venues in Naples hiding traces of a pagan cult of the divinity called Mitra. A journey in three stages.

During excavations in the caves of the immense labyrinth of the antique Greek-Roman city, archeologists came across traces of a pagan cult of the deity Mitra.

The 19th-century collections in the Museum of Capodimonte

Naples Capodimonte Museum

The National Museum of Capodimonte houses a new, 19th-century collection.

The new section has been arranged on the ground floor of the southern part of the museum, access to which is permitted by a suggestive hexagonal staircase. The rooms in which the exposition is presented, called “piano matto”, were the private apartments of the royal court in the period of Bourbons and House of Savoy. In 1816 they hosted an apartment of Ferdinand I and then of his nephew, Princes Carolina that, once married Charles of Montemolin in 1850, spent here all her Neapolitan sojourns.

The best seashore in Naples- the quarter of Posillipo

Naples Posillipo seashore

The area of Posillipo is an ideal solution to enjoy the Neapolitan sea, especially in the summer.

Posillipo is the most chic residential quarter of the city, not far away from the centre, accessible through the promenade called Lungomare, on foot, by bike or by public transport. Taking a bath here consists in an unforgettable experience. In the zone it is possible to access enchanting sites perfect for bathing, where there is no crowd and chaos, among grottoes and caves on which the city rises and from which one may depart with a canoe or a boat to discover the beauty of the coast of Posillipo. It is a hill from which one may admire the most beautiful landscape of Naples: an abundant vegetation, colorful flowers, magnificent villas on the slopes, and numerous seasides, such as lido Elena, lido Serena, Bagni Ideal and various private descents towards the sea, among luxurious mansions and parks.

The Museum of Underground

Naples Museum of the Underground in Naples

An underground stroll to discover the history of Naples. A journey in time, through traces of the noble Neapolitan origins.

The Museum of Underground (not to be confused with Napoli Sotterranea Museum nor with Tunnel Borbonico, both underground) is located on Piazza Cavour square. One may access the museum through the entrance in the centre of the square, situated in a red building in the middle of the gardens.