Salita Miradois and Astronomical Observatory

Naples Astronomical Observatory Salita Miradois

A walk in Naples that conducts from Salita Miradois to the Astronomical Observatory of Capodimonte.

Antique, enchanting alleys and breathtaking panoramas are the pleasant surprises of a stroll by the most hidden venues of Naples. The itinerary starts on piazza Miracoli square and finishes at the Astronomical Observatory of Capodimonte, where one may admire a beautiful view of the city. Stairs are constructed on the slopes of the hill of Miradois, on top of which is located the observatory. The observatory, founded in 1819, is one of the first in Europe. The edifice is situated in a huge park, which is a perfect location to observe Space. It is an isolated and little urbanized area, where are preserved some traces of the former vegetation, characteristic for the zone. The route starts at piazzetta Miracoli, behind via Foria (from the side of Sanità quarter), and connects the historic centre and the quarter of ponti Rossi, underneath the hill of Capodimonte. The trail conducts through strait alleys where the light hardly gets through, but if it does, it reveals breathtaking views.

The itinerary is known to few but it’s really worth visiting.

Have a nice walk!

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