Palazzo Caracciolo di Santobuono

Palazzo Caracciolo di Santobuono is a monumental mansion in the historic heart of Naples.

Naples is extremely rich in antique monuments and historic and cultural sites. Let’s enter in Palazzo Caracciolo.

Palazzo Caracciolo di Santobuono is a monumental mansion located on via Carbonara, a street that connects the Central Station and the area of via Tribunali in the city centre. The residence was established by the princes of Caracciolo di Santobuono in 1584, and erected on a former castle, dated back to the 14th century, donated by the king Robert of Anjou to Landolfo Caracciolo.

The position of the edifice had its strategic goal: in fact it was supposed to serve as fortress to defend the city. Renovated in the late 17th century, the mansion has become a seat of important art collections. In the beginning of the 18th century it hosted the duke Elboeuf, the father of the archeological excavations in Herculaneum and Pompeii. Architectonic features of the edifice are two high portals through which one may access the internal arcade patio. It was constructed on four levels and adorned with frescoes and wall paintings, of which today have remained only some traces.

The recent renovation works are aimed at bringing to light the former 14th-century structure. Nowadays, Palazzo Caracciolo di Santobuono is opened to public and hosts several cultural events.

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