The best seashore in Naples- the quarter of Posillipo

Naples Posillipo seashore

The area of Posillipo is an ideal solution to enjoy the Neapolitan sea, especially in the summer.

Posillipo is the most chic residential quarter of the city, not far away from the centre, accessible through the promenade called Lungomare, on foot, by bike or by public transport. Taking a bath here consists in an unforgettable experience. In the zone it is possible to access enchanting sites perfect for bathing, where there is no crowd and chaos, among grottoes and caves on which the city rises and from which one may depart with a canoe or a boat to discover the beauty of the coast of Posillipo. It is a hill from which one may admire the most beautiful landscape of Naples: an abundant vegetation, colorful flowers, magnificent villas on the slopes, and numerous seasides, such as lido Elena, lido Serena, Bagni Ideal and various private descents towards the sea, among luxurious mansions and parks.

A few afternoon hours on the small beaches of Posillipo will do you good. Of course, private descents are not accessible for tourists, but you may always choose one of the open seashores.

To reach the Posillipo quarter one may take the bus 140 that departs from Piazza Vittoria and crosses the entire quarter until Capo Posillipo, nearby the Virgiliano Park.

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