A day at Mostra d'Oltremare

Naples, Mostra d'Oltremare

Mostra d’Oltremare in Naples is one of the most important exhibition centres in Italy that hosts relevant cultural events.

Of the surface of 720 000 square meters, Mostra is an important artistic and touristic resource for a local community. Created in 1937 and called “Triennale d’Oltremare”, it was destined to become “Universal- Theme Exposition” that, together with the park of Universal Exposition in Rome (EUR district) were supposed to be a manifestation of the political and economic expansion of the fascist Italy on the seas and overseas (and so the name “oltremare”- “overseas”).

Officially inaugurated on the 9th of May 1940 by Vincenzo Tecchio, the “ First Triennial Exhibition of The Italian Lands and Overseas” ("I Mostra Triennale delle Terre Italiane d'Oltremare") concluded only one month later, caused by the outbreak of the war, during which the complex was consistently destroyed. Nowadays Mostra d’Oltremare is provided with 36 display pavilions, offices, open-air space, two theatres, an Olympic pool, restaurants, cafes and the park. 

Today Mostra d’Oltremare has become a location of cultural events, concerts and shows, as well as a site of entertainment where to spend a pleasant day and relax with friends or family.

The most relevant elements of the complex are the following:

Tower of Nations (originally called the tower of National Fascist Party), built in 1939, based on the project of the architect Venturino Ventura

Pavilion of Italian East Africa ("Cubo d'oro"), designed in 1939 by architects Mario Zanetti, Luigi Racheli and Paolo Zella Milillo Pavilion of Italian Islands of Aegean Sea, 1939, by architect Mario Zanetti

Pavilion of Christian Civilization in Africa (the present church of Santa Francesca Cabrini), 1939, by architect Roberto Pane

Palazzo degli Uffici, 1939, architect Marcello Canino

Mediterranean Theatre, 1939, by architects Barillà, Gentile, Mellia and Sambito

Fountain of Esedra, 1939, by architects Luigi Piccinato, Carlo Cocchia.

La Mostra d’Oltremare
viale Kennedy, 54 - 80125 - Napoli,
By car:
Tangenziale of Naples (ring road), exit Fuorigrotta-Agnano
By train:
Metro line 2, Campi Flegrei station, then 5 minutes on foot
By bus:
Lines 180,181, 615, C1, C2, C6, C7, C8 e R6, bus stop Piazzale Tecchio.

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