From Vomero disctrict to Corso Vittorio Emanuele down by the steps of Discesa del Petraio

Naples Discesa del Petraio

A stunning walk downhill that we recommend even to the biggest lazybones, between stone steps and elegant villas just next to traditional humble dwellings called “bassi”. It is a magical place in the city center, isolated from the big-city chaos.

The further you walk, the more it seems to be Procida. Nevertheless, it is still Naples, your city. What astonishes is the extreme tranquility that you breathe here during daytime; we definitely don’t recommend you visiting the stairs by night.

Discesa del Petraio is an antique road that connects a hill of the Vomero with corso Vittorio Emanuele street and together with the Pedamentina di San Martino, the Calata San Francesco (via Aniello Falcone), and many more narrow alleys is a perfect destination for tourists and locals keen on discovering new trails during pleasant walks. One does not have to be necessarily German, Spanish or French to take a break from the everyday, boring habits. If you have time and need to reach the centre departing from Vomero district, refuse to public transport and take this alternative street-trail. And once you arrive to corso Vittorio Emanuele, you can easily proceed in the direction of Quartieri Spagnoli (the area of Cariati- piazzetta Mondragone square) and then towards Piazza del Plebiscito. Suggestive, salutary, cultural. What else do you need?

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