A trip to Solopaca

Naples Solopaca Wine

Solopaca is the town of the homonym wine. It is the excellent outdoor destination, away from metropolitan chaos.

Solopaca (“Surrupaca” in the local dialect), located in the province of Benevento in the Campania region, is one of the most popular destinations if it comes to oeno-gastronomic tourism. The Solopaca wine is the principal reason of its fame.

A Sunday in Taurasi

Naples Taurasi wine

The town of Taurasi, located in the province of Avellino, attracts tourists thanks to the homonym wine of its wineries.

An outdoor trip, not so distant from Naples, to countrysides of Taurasi that offers a possibility to taste the dainties of the region of Campania and discover its cultural itineraries. A perfect idea to spend a Sunday outside the city.

Suggestions for an Easter-Monday trip

Naples Itineraries

The traditional Easter-Monday trip is an occasion to spend some time in the city or outdoors, relaxing yourself, walking and visiting amazing places.

We present some sites, towns, and destinations that you may take into consideration while planning your Easter-Monday trip.

See Naples from the sea

Naples panoramas

Cities by the sea have an additional vantage in comparison with others, namely an ulterior perspective from which they may be admired.

One can enjoy them observing the views from the middle of the sea. As when coming back from the island of Capri or other islands of the archipelago in the Gulf of Naples. An ulterior point of view, unusual with respect to traditional panoramas.

Discovering the Caroline Aqueduct

Naples Caroline Aqueduct Reggia di Caserta

An example of pre-industrial engineering, the Caroline Aqueduct is one of the most interesting, but also one of the least known cultural attractions in Campania region.

Commissioned by king Charles of Bourbon (after whom it derives its name) and designed by the Italian architect of Dutch origin Luigi Vanvitelli, the aqueduct was completed in 1770, after over sixteen years of works. Caroline Aqueduct was constructed in order to supply the complex of San Leucio and the gardens of the famous royal residence Reggia di Caserta (called “the royal delight”).

A Sunday at Miseno

Naples Miseno

Are you ready for a day of entertainment and relax not too far away from the city? Where you can go with your friends or with your family to spend time from the morning till the evening?

When the days become longer and higher the temperatures, Neapolitan people often choose the seacoast between Capo Miseno and Miliscola as a destination of a weekend trip, in order to spend some time on the beach. This area, between Miseno and Miliscola offers a huge variety of spring and summer entertainment.