Ecoparco del Mediterraneo

Naples Ecoparco del Mediterraneo

Ecoparco del Mediterraneo is the oasis of wellness and sustainable tourism located nearby Naples.

Of the surface of 100 hectares, Ecoparco del Mediterraneo (Eco-park of Mediterranean) is an oasis of wellness including lakes, pools and ranges that make it one of the biggest open-air structures of touristic-sportive character in the region. The complex, provided with all necessary services and comfort, is a place where one may carry out sports and recreation activities, organize meetings or simply spend some time relaxing oneself, respecting the surrounding environment. In the eco-park there are two natural lakes, one of which has a surface of over 100.000 square meters and is surrounded by abundant vegetation, populated with a variety of species of fish and birds.

It may be immediately understood that over here only one language is spoken, the one that expresses the respect for the environment through contact with the nature. For this reason inside the park one is allowed to move only on foot, by bike, by electric car and by boat.

In fact, transport through water is somehow obligatory, taking into consideration that only this way it’s possible to reach most of the structures.

Not only for your grandparents. You can bring here your family, come with your friends or with your partner: A wide range of structures guarantees just as much activities, such as sport, entertainment for kids and teenagers or simply relax. Keeping fit and entertaining at once is in fact the primary goal of the park that, among different services included in the offer, makes available the pool and two lakes, where bathing is permitted. Worth remembering the innovative “Nautilus Village young life camp”, the youth village designed in order to provide sport activities and fun and respect nature at the same time.

Being the first complex of its kind in the South Italy and in Campania region, the ecoparco del Mediterraneo consists in the first touristic centre based on American model of summer camp for kids and teenagers. Moreover, you can come here with your pets, paying a special fee at the entrance. The author of the project is the businessman Marco Sifola, who was one of the first being inspired by the american model and willing to introduce it in Italy, taking advantage of its enormous ambiental resources.

Ecoparco del Mediterraneo is located on Via Fiumitello II, 81030 Castel Volturno.

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