A trip to the excavations of Herculaneum. And not only!

Naples Herculaneum

Herculaneum is famous worldwide for its archeological excavations of the Roman city destroyed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD.

The excavations of Herculaneum, together with those of Pompeii and Oplontis, consist in the World Heritage Site of UNESCO annually visited by millions of tourists. According to a legend the city was founded by mythological hero Hercules.

Restaurant Da Adolfo on Laurito Beach

Naples Positano Restaurant Da Adolfo

The restaurant Da Adolfo is situated on the beach called Laurito, between Positano and Praiano.

We present you the place where you can taste delicious dishes and take a bath in the sea of the supreme quality, surrounded by enchanting landscapes.

We suggest you a perfect destination for the next summer weekend: the beach of Laurito, nearby Positano, on the Amalfi Coast. Although located close to Positano, it is accessible only through the sea. Shall we say, reach the site through the sea is definitely the most convenient solution.

A bath under the Tower

Naples Saracen Towers

The Saracen towers (“le torri saracene”) are located along the coast of Campania region and in the south of Italy. They have existed since the ancient times, when Mediterranean was threatened by raids of Saracen pirates and corsairs that raged the coasts in search of fortune.

Nowadays, the Saracen towers consist in an important landmark for bathers willing to enjoy an extraordinary beauty of our sea and shore. Formerly, members of the Anjou family were the first ones that thought of using the towers located on promontories in order to create a permanent and efficient system of defence and reporting a danger with fire and smoke from above them.

Ecoparco del Mediterraneo

Naples Ecoparco del Mediterraneo

Ecoparco del Mediterraneo is the oasis of wellness and sustainable tourism located nearby Naples.

Of the surface of 100 hectares, Ecoparco del Mediterraneo (Eco-park of Mediterranean) is an oasis of wellness including lakes, pools and ranges that make it one of the biggest open-air structures of touristic-sportive character in the region. The complex, provided with all necessary services and comfort, is a place where one may carry out sports and recreation activities, organize meetings or simply spend some time relaxing oneself, respecting the surrounding environment. In the eco-park there are two natural lakes, one of which has a surface of over 100.000 square meters and is surrounded by abundant vegetation, populated with a variety of species of fish and birds.

A trip to discover the beauty of two gulfs

Sant'Agata sui Due Golfi is a beautiful town located between two gulfs of Naples and Salerno.

Situated nearby Naples, the town of Sant’Agata is an excellent destination for a weekend or one-day trip.

From the perspective of the Monastero delle Monache Benedettine on the hill, called “Il Deserto” (“desert”), the view is immersed in the blue of two gulfs.

The Fish Market of Pozzuoli

Naples Pozzuoli Fish Market

The fish market in the city of Pozzuoli is famous among restaurateurs and cuisine experts hunting the best products of Neapolitan sea.

The fish market of Pozzuoli, simply known as “fish market”, is a real institution both for chefs and Neapolitan housewifes, open from early-morning hours.