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10 things to do in Naples

Naples 10 things to do in the city

No idea what to do in Naples? We have ten incredible proposals that will leave you breathless.

Let’s take a walk in ten different places in the city. Here there goes a list of ten things to see and do in Naples. A small guide in order to do or see things that will leave you surprised.

Unpredictable locations, breathtaking panoramas, tradition and culture. These are ten things to do in order to live Naples fully.

Design and decorative arts at the Museum of Capodimonte

The magnificent interns of the palace Reggia di Capodimonte are adorned with precious stones and valuable materials.

The Royal Palace of Capodimonte houses instances of decorative arts and design of the past.

Reggia di Capodimonte houses the homonym National Museum composed with two main collections, one called Farnese, including some paintings by Raffaello, Tiziano, Breugel the Elder, El Greco, Guido Reni, and the other named Galleria Napoletana, consisting of paintings moved here from different Neapolitan churches and sites located nearby the city, by Simone Martini, Caravaggio, Ribera, Luca Giordano, Francesco Solimena and others. Moreover, the museum hosts a collection of contemporary art, which includes “Vesuvius” by Andy Warhol.

Gradoni di Santa Maria Apparente

Naples Gradoni di sana Maria Apparente

We recommend you a characteristic stroll by the steps of Santa Maria Apparente.

This brief itinerary permits to discover a new face of Naples, among panoramic shortcuts and everyday life of locals in the quarters far away from urban chaos.

A dense network of pedestrian tracks is hidden among antique edifices and the recent urban architecture of the city. This time we suggest you the steps of Santa Maria Apparente, stairs that offer some breathtaking views of Naples.

The church of Santa Caterina da Siena and the Foundation "Pietà de' Turchini"

Naples Church of Santa Caterina da Siena

The church of Santa Caterina da Siena is one of the seats of the Foundation of Pietà de' Turchini. 

The church is located in the historic heart of Naples and nowadays it is one of the seats of the centre of antique music “Pietà de' Turchini”, which collects the traditional Neapolitan music of the 18th century.

Salita Moiariello

Naples Salita Moiariello

We present another idea for a stroll, this time departing from the city centre towards the hill of Capodimonte.

The ascent begins behind the Botanical Garden and it goes along the slopes of Capodimonte. Moiariello is a charming hamlet, quite isolated from the rest of the city, though located nearby the centre of Naples.

La famacia degli Incurabili- Neapolitan Enlightenment

Naples The Pharmacy for the Incurables

La Farmacia degli Incurabili (The Pharmacy for the Incurables) is the site unique of its kind that represents Neapolitan Enlightenment in the 18th century.

The pharmacy is dated back to the 18th century and was annexed to the homonym hospital complex in the historical centre of Naples. It has been located in an old apothecary dated back to the 16th century.